Monday, July 12, 2010

Dr. Fuhrman Health Getaway 2010

Who: VN Publisher Joseph Connelly
What: Dr. Fuhrman Health Getaway 2010
Where: Rancho Bernado Inn, San Diego
When: July 11–17, 2010
Why: 10th Anniversary Recovery

The Scoop: With the 10th Anniversary Edition of VegNews out of the way, the staff needed a break and sent me to cover an event VN has never attended: the annual Health Getaway put on by Dr. Joel Fuhrman (author of Eat to Live, Fasting and Eating for Health, etc.) and his gracious, energetic staff.

Dr. Joel Furhman surrounded by his very supportive Health Getaway staff

All this week I'll be reporting from sunny San Diego (86 degrees at the moment) with highlights from the previous day's activities. Sunday was light, with just a welcome reception, dinner, and a "getaway kick-off" lecture.

VN publisher with his first night's delicious and wholesome dinner.

The week promises to be overflowing with activities, food, guest speakers and chefs, and maybe even some tennis—or not. Stay tuned. You also never know who I will bump into. This is Dr. Fuhrman's largest Adventure yet—nearly 200 people—and last night I spotted 2008 VegNews vegan wedding couple Ed and Amanda Smith at dinner.

Ed and Amanda (Mandy) Smith

I'm still finding my way around the sprawling 420-acre Rancho Bernado Inn, with its 287 guest rooms, spa garden, spa pool, fitness center, and golf course. Until tomorrow...

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