Friday, July 16, 2010

Beautiful Men, Food, and Bunnies

Who: VN Publisher Joseph Connelly
What: Dr. Fuhrman Health Getaway 2010
Where: Rancho Bernado Inn, San Diego, Calif.
When: Thursday, July 15, 2010
Why: A picture-perfect day

The Scoop: Some like it hot, and I'm not talking about the nearly 100-degree weather in San Diego yesterday. The women were swooning over the handsome young chef here to help with their nutritarian needs... and the food was delicious, too.

And if one dark, handsome young vegan man isn't enough, at lunch I bumped into another alumni of the Taste of Health Cruise, Eduardo "Wayo" Longorio. Wayo is the photogenic son of the Casa de Luz restaurant family from Austin, Texas. The Casa is a gorgeous restaurant/health spa complex scouting out a second location in San Diego (he's doing so with his mom, ladies). See if you can pick out Wayo from some other dude in this photo:

Life just isn't fair: Eduardo "Wayo" Longorio and someone else

After lunch Chef Chad Sarno hit the stage and the Vita-Mix. Cool and collected, he calmly (and seemingly effortlessly) whipped up 10 recipes in 90 minutes all with Dr. Joel Fuhrman standing behind providing color commentary. Unlike when Dr. J gave his cooking demo on Wednesday, no one did a Pink impersonation and fell off the stage.

Chef Chad Sarno communes with his Vita-Mix

Sarno, vegan for 15 years, is most known for opening a handful of SAF ("simply authentic food") restaurants in Europe, including one in the London Whole Foods. He's now the coordinator of WF's Total Health Immersion Program, covered in yesterday's blog post. During the demo Sarno confessed that he's a recovering olive oil-aholic, and that the recipes he was demoing would be our Thursday night dinner. If you aren't salivating yet, the Kale Avocado Salad was nutrilicious, and the Tofu Ricotta-stuffed Manicotti (with No Oil Marinara) was even better than it looks (and it looks... well, see for yourself):

Finally, while walking the grounds of the resort I found several more beautiful vegans, two of whom were kind enough to pose for photos. I couldn't get close enough to be sure, but I'm guessing they are both male as well.

I Framed Roger Rabbit

A nighttime photo of a very patient nutritarian

Coming Monday: A conference recap plus a detailed description of the nutritarian diet. And maybe a Top Ten List of Dr. Joel Fuhrman's best one-liners of the week.

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