Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Speaking Up for Animals

Who: Editorial Assistant Lyndsay Orwig + Farm Sanctuary’s Gene Baur
What: Radar Reading Series featuring the best emerging and underground writers reading and performing new work
Where: San Francisco Public Libary, main branch
When: October 14, 2008
Why: To support VN readers’ Favorite Animal Sanctuary

The Scoop: The VN offices are always busy, but with the much-anticipated Veggie Awards 2008 issue hitting stands as we speak, the long-awaited launch of the brand new VegNews website finally happening, and the upcoming election and the Yes! on Prop. 2 excitement, we're on hyperdrive. Yes, it is definitely an exhilarating time for animal lovers right now, and we've had the pleasure of sharing the excitement of these special times with vegan dignitary Gene Baur of Farm Sanctuary.

Since opening its doors in 1986, Farm Sanctuary has been fully dedicated to the cause of rescuing factory-farm animals, educating the public about how the vegan diet is central to compassionate living, and advocating for the humane treatment of animals. Gene, who co-founded FS along with Lorri Bauston, is the author of a new book about the sanctuary and his experiences called Farm Sanctuary: Changing Hearts and Minds About Animals and Food
On his book tour, Gene has visited Michigan, California, Oregon,  Washington, DC, and VN's hometown, San Francisco.  Gene joined us for lunch before his book reading at the San Francisco Library for the Radar Reading Series, and lucky for me, I got to attend the event in support of Farm Sanctuary and its humane cause.

Gene was the third speaker of the reading series that featured three other unique authors and artists, including Deez, a young, up-and-coming writer; Nancy Pearson, who read several of her beautiful poems; and Margaret Tedesco, a performance artist. When it was Gene's turn to speak,  he delivered a passionate talk focused on the plight of animals and the environmental consequences of the livestock industry, including its direct link to global warming. He also discussed his own experiences rescuing animals and his fight to prosecute specific factory farms on animal-cruelty charges, some ending with losses, others in victory. He wrapped things up by first expressing his support for Prop. 2 and explaining the proposition in detail, then talking about the vegan lifestyle and how it just makes sense—both ethically, and for the planet.

Before we knew it, the event drew to a close and it was off to Portland, Ore., for Gene, but not before signing books for the audience members. The event had a great turnout—a benefit for all in the fight against animal cruelty. It was wonderful to hear from one of the leaders in this fight, giving me even more motivation to continue forging ahead in the struggle for animals.

Gene Baur and a friend

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Daniela said...

Gene Baur is a great leader in our movement and has the patience to deal with a great range of people, including those who aren't ready to consider vegetarianism. He tells them the truth and he has lots of credibility because he witnessed firsthand what goes on in America's factory farms.

On his book tour, he also visited Austin! Read my recap on Cats and Cows: