Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Who: VN Editorial Director Aurelia d'Andrea + VN Editor at Large Jennifer Pickens
What: An evening of humor, enlivened by pizza and drinks
When: Thursday, September 11
Why: To support one of our favorite VN columnists
Where: The legendary Purple Onion nightclub in San Francisco's North Beach

The Scoop: It's no secret Jen and I have a thing for Dan Piraro, and see him every chance we get. And by "see," I mean semi-stalk, what with "random" rendezvous everywhere from Brooklyn to LA and back again in San Francisco. And by "semi-stalk," I mean in a totally harmless way. Really. Seriously, though, what's not to like about the guy? He's funny as all heck, smart as any ol' Mensa member, and just happens to be an animal-loving vegan, so we really had no choice but to head to the Purple Onion for a little dose of Dan's Bizarro Baloney Show.

Since our tickets were for the 10:00 show, we had to wait in line outside the club for the earlier show to end. While we braced ourselves against the usual wind and fog, we chatted with Kevin Connelly, the associate director of Earth Island Institute, who just happened to be in line next to us and whom we hadn't seen since this year's Genesis Awards. Before we knew it, it was time to head down into the warm, non-windy subterranean fun-hole for some much-needed ha-has.

Unbelievably, the show was not sold out. In fact, we practically had the place to ourselves, which was a bummer, since it was a benefit for Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary, but it did make for a rather intimate comedy experience. The show opened with the very funny Brian Malow dishing up humor of the scientific variety. No, I don't remember any of his jokes, but I remember we all laughed a lot, and there's nothing like laughter for working up an appetite. Lucky for us, the kitchen was still open and the pizza oven was still on, so we ordered ourselves a very vegan Margherita pie and devoured it in no time flat, which was exactly how long it took for before Dan took the stage. Talk about comedic timing!

As usual, Dan made us laugh with his unique brand of humor that veers from themes as divergent as contemporary politics and teenage transvestitism (the latter subject a direct reference to Dan himself—go see his next show if you want to know what I'm talking about). And, as usual, we cajoled Dan into having his photo taken with us. Thanks, Dan!

Jen, Ashley, Dan, Jeff, and Aurelia

On our way out, we stopped by the very European-looking Cafe Zoetrope across the street from the Purple Onion and discovered they, too, have a vegan pizza pie on the menu. More on that in another post.

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