Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Stuffed Silly in Seattle

Who: VN Publisher Joseph Connelly, VN Associate Publisher Colleen Holland, and VN West Coast Sales Rep Laurie Bradley
What: Seattle Green Festival + vegan food tour
Where: Washington State Convention & Trade Center
When: April 11–14, 2008
Why: To share VegNews with 25k Green Festival attendees, as well as hit some great veg restaurants

The Scoop: In town for Seattle’s first-ever Green Festival, the VN team was eager to share the mag with the Seattle community. A long-time sponsor of the Green Festival, we travel each year to cool cities like Chicago, Austin, Washington DC, San Francisco, and now Seattle to promote the magazine at this wildly successful event—each attracts an average of 25,000 attendees, and the food is always vegetarian (and mostly vegan). It’s nice to be a part of a green event that gets its on the food level. After all, going veg is the single most important thing we can do to stop global warming, but, then, you already knew that.

Of course, VN business trips always include excursions to the city’s finest vegetarian eateries. It’s our duty, after all, to share the very best of all things veg with VN readers, so we’re just doing our job. Let’s just say that Seattle makes a great veggie getaway, whether for a weekend or a week. The options seem limitless, and we barely scratched the surface. So let’s get started:

Friday lunch: Cyber-Dogs
Located next to the convention center in the heart of downtown (see photo above), how could we pass up an opportunity to hit a café featuring exclusively vegetarian hot dogs and coffee drinks (this is Seattle, after all, birthplace of Starbucks). We savored the El Bandito (veggie dog topped with chili, vegan cheese, avocado, salsa, and onions) and Dog from Ipanema (smothered in rice, black beans, tomatoes, hearts of palm, and cilantro simmered in coconut milk).

Friday dinner: Teapot Vegetarian House
When asked about their favorite veg spot, many locals immediately respond “Teapot.” If you like faux meats, you’ll love this place. Three of us shared two of their house specialties: Rose Drummettes (tofu and seitan drummettes with a rose-tea dipping sauce) and Sweet and Sour Nuggets (made from mushrooms in a tangy sauce). We couldn’t resist the traditional Malay dessert called Gulu Malacca: tapioca pearls with sorbet, coconut syrup, soy whipped cream, and crushed peanuts.

Sunday breakfast #1: Flying Apron Bakery
We could have relaxed at this cozy vegan bakery for hours. Antique tables and chairs filled the eating area, where we nibbled on a warm gluten-free cinnamon roll and raspberry oat bar, and sipped peppermint tea and a soy chai latte. Free wi-fi and good people-watching made it extra special.

Sunday breakfast #2: Mighty-O Donuts
How could we pass up an opportunity to indulge in organic vegan donuts at the world-famous Mighty-O? An institution in Seattle, this friendly spot was packed, and we split a Chocolate Cake Don King (chocolate donut drizzled with vanilla icing and sprinkled with sweet coconut). If we lived in Seattle, we would house-hunt as close as possible to this joint to ensure a daily dose of the best damn vegan donuts we’ve ever had (see below photo for visual proof).

Sunday breakfast #3: Sidecar for Pigs Peace
Okay, we didn’t eat a third time, but we did make a stop at the vegan boutique, Sidecar for Pigs Peace, a must-visit on our trip. Located in the University district, this well-stocked shop donates all proceeds to Pigs Peace Sanctuary. What a great concept—and they sell everything from handbags and handmade soaps to vegan ice cream and dog food. We did buy some drinks to keep ourselves hydrated after the morning sugar overload.

Sunday dinner: Café Flora
This was the perfect place to enjoy a meal with friends on a cold, drizzly Seattle night. One of the city’s most celebrated vegetarian restaurants, we kept warm inside over yam fries with cayenne aioli, French dip sandwiches, flat-bread pizzas, organic green salads, and pan-fried yucca cakes. This is the place to impress non-veg friends or celebrate a special occasion.

Monday lunch: Chaco Canyon Café
In need of a healthy meal, this bright, airy organic café came highly recommended. Completely vegan, we sipped freshly squeezed juices (the 7003—apple, orange, carrot, kiwi, and ginger—and the Tummy Tickle (grapefruit, apple, ginger, and lemon) before sinking into a Hippy Bowl (quinoa topped with baked tofu, carrots, sprouts, and a garlic-tahini sauce) and a Thai Peanut Bowl (brown rice with baby bok choi, spinach, black sesame seeds, and a spicy peanut sauce).

Monday snack: Mighty-O Donuts
How awful would it be to return to the VNHQ without souvenirs from Seattle? And VN staffers deserve nothing but the best. So we picked up two dozen freshly-made, still-warm donuts from Mighty-O and got a full tour to boot, where owner Ryan Kellner shared the inner workings of a vegan donut shop (we found it fascinating). The VN staff will thank us in the morning.

And that completes our veggie food tour of Seattle. Hope you’re satisfied!


Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

Ooh, lots of my favorite Seattle haunts! I'm a sucker for Mighty O & Sidecar for Pigs Peace & I don't mind a trip to Chaco Canyon or Flora either!

Billy said...

As a Seattleite, I say good choices! All except for Flying Apron, that is. The place is pretty gross. I was spoiled on the east coast by Sticky Fingers when I lived in DC.

Cyber Dogs is great and you went to my favorite restaurant (Teapot).

Anonymous said...

Good choices, but you missed out on the best of all, Hillside Quickies (http://www.hillsidequickie.com/). Vegan Soul-food at its finest. I would also be remiss to not mention my favorite breakfast place in the city, Wayward Cafe (http://www.myspace.com/waywardcafe). Wayward is for all those who enjoy a greasy spoon and bike messengers.

syork2 said...

Oh my goodness! I can't believe you didn't try Pizza Pi - it's right across the street from Sidecar for Pigs Peace! I not only think it is the best veg pizza I have ever tasted (with outstanding variety!) but literally the best pizza I have ever had - EVER! Try it next time. You'll fall in love!

Anonymous said...

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