Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Small World Syndrome

Who: VN Managing Editor Aurelia d’Andrea
What: Day two of a much-anticipated holiday
Where: On the way to Koh Chang, Eastern Thailand
When: March 2, 2008
Why: To relax, stuff my face with good food, and be warm for once

The Scoop: So, I’m on a bus in eastern Thailand, heading toward the island of Koh Chang, lured by the promise of snorkeling, tropical fruit salads and fried noodles, and an escape from San Francisco’s endless, blustery winter weather. We’re riding along, about an hour away from the ferry port, when the bus pulls over to pick up a new passenger. She climbs aboard, and the first thing I notice about her is the bright red Food Fight Grocery tote bag slung over her shoulder.

No way!

I introduced myself to the lovely miss Karen Zacconi, who turns out to be a fellow vegan from New York who’s been teaching English in Thailand for the last several months. When we met, she had seven weeks of travel left before her return home. Some folks have all the luck! She was taking the leisurely route to Chiang Mai, in the north of the country, where she intended to take vegetarian cooking classes at Mai Kadee’s, an independent chain that happens to be one of my favorite vegan restaurants in Bangkok. (Tom) Yum!

Karen and I bid adieu at the ferry terminal; she heading north, and I, south. I didn’t know it then, but I, too, would be heading north in a few days, thanks to a run in with Mr. Owie Burnie Sunshine. More about that later.

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