Monday, March 3, 2008

Singing for our Supper

Who: Editorial Assistant Lisa Mickleborough, Senior Editors Jen Pickens + Elizabeth Castoria, + Managing Editor Aurelia d’Andrea
What: Sushi and karaoke extravaganza
Where: The Mint, San Francisco, Calif.
When: February 7, 2008
Why: Japanese-style fun!

The Scoop: When I moved to this vibrant and entirely foreign city (I’m from Canada) to begin my stint at VegNews, I knew I would be in for some exciting after-hours adventures. I didn’t, however, anticipate that these adventures would include fellow VN staff members. But having been here for just a few weeks, I somehow reached the conclusion that it would be appropriate to invite three of my new superiors out for a night of karaoke—and they agreed. So after a long week of editorial toil, we set off for The Mint, San Francisco’s long-time favorite Karaoke Lounge. Open from noon until 2 a.m. 365 days a year, we were not surprised to find a decadently deco room filled with a combination of very serious regulars and thoroughly sauced amateurs. We were also delighted to discover an adjoining but independent sushi restaurant, Sushi Delight, offering scores of interesting vegan options and a veg-versed staff who regularly bring orders right out to hungry Mint patrons! Offering such novel delights as asparagus-tempura and pickled burdock root maki, we chose to feast on egg-free vegetable tempura, shiitake maki, and an assortment of other tried ‘n’ true veggie rolls. After a hearty meal and a few cocktails, we were set for a night of belting and boogieing we could only describe as both highly entertaining and astoundingly awkward. Here's the whole gang:

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VeggieGirl said...

what a great and fun event! and this blog is great too - just read about it in this month's VegNews e-newsletter! :0)