Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Brunch in Santa Cruz

Who: VN Associate Publisher Colleen Holland
What: Brunch in Santa Cruz
Where: Saturn Café, Santa Cruz, Calif.
When: March 8, 2008
Why: Post-yoga indulgence

The Scoop: Looking for a veg-friendly getaway this summer? A funky seaside town full of vegetarian eateries, bookstores, and yoga studios, Santa Cruz just might be that perfect travel destination. Just one-and-a-half hours from San Francisco and the city my Mom now calls home, a weekend in this progressive paradise is always just what the doctor ordered. This past weekend, however, time was short, and I only had a chance to visit one of my favorite dining spots. After finishing up a rigorous morning class at The Yoga Center, I moseyed over a few blocks to Saturn Café for a hearty brunch. A SC institution since 1979, the diner-esque vegetarian restaurant—complete with overstuffed booths, a jukebox, and a lengthy milkshake menu—is popular with locals and tourists alike. I settled into the Vegan Breakfast (a bargain at just $6.50), which included a perfectly seasoned tofu scramble, herb-roasted home-fried potatoes, and two thick slabs of sourdough toast with blackberry jam. It was fabulous, flat-out fabulous. Wanting to linger after I had finished breakfast, I ordered a soy chai latte, which was topped with about three inches of soy foam. I love foam, and if you like foam, you’ll love Saturn’s foam. The one downside to the Saturn Café is the service: it can often be abrupt. My gal was friendly, but I did have to wait longer than normal to place my order and noticed she was sitting at a table with friends enjoying her own breakfast. Other than that, it’s a good stop to make on your veggie tour of Santa Cruz.

Look for the lowdown on all my favorite SC spots in the next few months, only on Press Pass.


Ruby Red Vegan said...

What a perfect breakfast! (Oh my goodness, slabs of toast! Wow!) I love foam on my soy lattes too. Oh, how I wish I could travel cross-country and visit Saturn Cafe! Thanks for the awesome review.

springsandwells said...

woo hoo!
A Santa Cruz post! Right on. I never eat at the Saturn... maybe I should give it another try. I just wish someone in Santa Cruz would make us a vegan pancake!
:) Amey

Jake and Alana said...

I love the vegan breakfast burrito there.

You have to go to Malabar next time you're in town! It's right down the street.

RozeGardener said...


You will find delicious vegan pancakes at Dharmas Restaurant, which is in Capitola a suburb of Santa Cruz, very close by car.


Gala C

Anonymous said...


Kathy said...

I grew up in Santa Cruz. Love it. miss it! Saturn Cafe is fun...but yes the service is quirky at times.

Anonymous said...

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