Friday, June 17, 2011

Cinnamon Buns Across the Bay

Who: VegNews Associate Publisher Colleen Holland
What: A trip to to the East Bay for vegan cinnamon buns
Where: Berkeley, Calif.
When: June 10, 2011
Why: A visit to Cinnaholic was long overdue

The Scoop: It had been far too long since we ventured across the Bay for freshly baked cinnamon rolls at the all-vegan Cinnaholic bakery. So when some friends from England were in town recently, we knew their visit had to include a breakfast of these famous (for good reason) sticky buns.

As you walk into the adorable retro-style storefront, the sweet smell of cinnamon rolls lures you in. Batches of buns are baked all day long, so you know yours will always be fresh. Since Cinnaholic specializes in cinnamon rolls, choosing what you're going to eat is the easy part. It's the next step that presents a challenge, as now it's time to customize. On any given day, there could be 27 flavors of frosting, 30 options for toppings, a dozen specialty rolls, and even petite-sized baby buns—so the combinations are endless. For frostings, think butterscotch, caramel, cream soda, Irish cream, macadamia nut, pina colada, and root beer. For toppings, how about blackberries, brownie chunks, chocolate sauce, peanut butter, pomegranate seeds, shredded coconut, or walnuts. They even offer crushed candy canes and gingersnap cookies during the holidays.

After staring at the menu for about five minutes, I decided on vanilla frosting with chocolate chip cookie dough and sliced strawberries. It was amazing, I ate the whole thing, and I haven't stopped thinking about it since.

My customized creation at Cinnaholic—a fresh-from-the-oven bun topped with vanilla frosting, cookie dough, and strawberries

Let's say you want to leave it to the pros at Cinnaholic to design the perfect roll for you. What would that be? How about Mocha Almond (mocha frosting and toasted almonds), Oreo Explosion (vanilla frosting and Oreo cookies), or S'mores (vanilla frosting and graham crackers, chocolate chips, and marshmallows). There's always a specially priced bun-of-the-day, and UC Berkeley students get a generous discount. Coffee, tea, and hot cocoa are available, along with savory buns and the popular frosting shots. This unique vegan bakery is making believers out of the Berkeley community—one sumptuous bun at a time.

VegNews Publisher Joseph Connelly with his cinnamon bun (vanilla frosting and Oreo cookies) and our dear friend from England, Thomas Russell, who also went with the chocolate chip cookie dough/strawberry combo.


L.A.Read said...

And the East-coasters have Sticky Fingers.

Adam said...

they're delicious.. a while back i ordered a batch online.. still have a few in my freezer actually :)

Shelly said...

Adam...on my way...
You guys are killing me here!