Friday, May 14, 2010

Madeleine Bistro + Cruzer's VegNews Pizza

Who: VN Publisher Joseph Connelly and VN Associate Publisher Colleen Holland
What: Finals stops on the spring tourWhere: Tarzana, Hollywood, and Los Feliz, Calif.When: May 8, 2010Why: Three vegan restaurants in half-a-day: Why not?
The Scoop: One (half) day left in LA, two Maggie Awards last night... how should we celebrate? Three restaurant visits, of course!

We treated ourselves to brunch at Madeleine Bistro, our longtime fave Los Angeles restaurant. You must start with an order of beignets (the French can even make "doughnut" sound good). Check these out:

The Doughnuts, er, um, "Beignets," at Madeleine Bistro

For our main courses I had the apple-filled fruit crepes while Colleen ordered bananas foster waffles. Madeleine's food is so innovative, it can't be said often enough how much a vegan genius Chef Dave Anderson is.

Is it bananas foster? Waffles? It's magic!

Post-brunch it's onto Hollywood to check in on LifeFood Organic, a restaurant I first blogged about two months ago in my LA Whoa! Man post. Nestled between Hollywood and Sunset Boulevards, LifeFood serves up raw and living cuisine, mostly pre-packaged, for those on the go (or sitting in the car trying go—no, wait, that didn't sound right). Scrumptious salads, savory sandwiches, and delectable desserts make up the menu, all at reasonable prices. Give this place a try.

LifeFood Organic has it all

Final stop: Cruzer Pizza & Pasta, to taste-test the forthcoming VegNews Pizza. What's a VegNews Pizza? Glad you asked. How about perfect-o pesto topped with white Daiya cheese, artichoke hearts, way-too-much garlic, sliced tomatoes, and leaves of basil? Here's Colleen and our Cruzer connection, Michelle Sass, showing off the final protect:

We even managed to smuggle home a whole pie for the staff to try on Monday, when it tasted just as good. Read about it on Café VegNews. We'll let you know via Facebook and Twitter when our pizza actually hits the menu. And that closes the VegNews Spring 2010 tour. Thank you and good night.

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