Thursday, July 14, 2011

Drinks and Dinner

Who: VegNews Managing Editor Elizabeth Castoria
What: A swell evening of drinks and dinner in the Mission
Where: San Francisco, Calif.
When: July 13, 2011
Why: My neighborhood is pretty stinking great.

The Scoop: Sometimes, especially during crazy work weeks, Wednesdays are their own reason to head for a watering hole, indulge in a couple drinks, and then let someone else do the cooking for dinner (not to mention the serving and dishes!). Here's the thing: In the Mission, there are roughly 14 bazillion places to get drinks and dinner. Bars and restaurants abound here, and the options are so numerous that I often skip them all and head for home, as actually taking the time to decide on a place could result in starving to death. Thankfully, my intrepid dinner partner made the call to grab drinks at Laszlo, and then head to Osha Thai for dinner.

Laszlo's chic exterior

I'd walked by Laszlo a hundred times, and always thought it was cute but never gone inside. The good news: it is cute, inside and out. The better news: the bartender made a mean Dark and Stormy. Having lived in Newport, RI, you might think that I'd already be a huge Dark and Stormy fan (that's ginger beer with rum, sometimes with lime), but it's just as of this summer that I'm completely obsessed with them. If it were unlikely to result in the loss of my job and liver, I'd drink them instead of water. So, after a couple highly delicious and refreshing rounds at Laszlo, it was time to find food.
Hello, delicious Thai food.

Oh, did I mention that the Mission has a ridiculous number of awesome restaurants? Because it does. Just minutes away from Laszlo is Osha Thai. Do I love Thai food? Yes. Do I love it even more after a couple Dark and Stormys? Indeed. Vegetarian Pad Khee Mao, yellow curry, and crispy spring rolls made the perfect apres-drinks meal. The Laszlo-and-Osha combination probably constitutes about a zillionth of the possible amazing drinks-and-dinner choices. I guess someone (Pick me! Pick me!) will just have to research and find them all.

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