Tuesday, February 26, 2008

New York, New York!

Who: VN Senior Editor Elizabeth Castoria
What: Dinner on the town
Where: Candle 79, New York City
When: February 8, 2008
Why: Fun!

The Scoop: Probably the most amazing dinner I've ever eaten. Correction: probably the most amazing dinner anyone has ever eaten. This evening was an absolutely perfect storm of setting, company, and cuisine. Candle 79's classy, dimly lit interior made an elegant space for our group. VN columnist and professional funny guy Dan Piraro and Ashley Lou Smith, Ben Adams and his awesome wife Anne-Taylor, yours truly, my permanent date T.J. Kirkpatrick, and the amazing playwright Bekah Brunstetter shared a meal that should be noted in the history of great meals. It started with grilled seitan chimichurris and quickly became an all-out smorgasbord of young coconut pad thai, pumpkin seed and sage crusted tempeh, the chef's special pasta of gorgeous gnocchi in a tomato and cashew cream sauce, and, of course, the seitan piccata. Everything that went into our mouths was incredible, and if there weren't photos to prove it, I might not be able to believe that such a lovely evening took place.


Saskia said...

Just wanted to pass along this tip for a future VegNews story or to share with anyone visiting Los Angeles...

"Conchita's Chocolate" serves up the best chocolate in Los Angeles"

Casa de Sousa Coffeehouse
634 N. Main Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012 (at Olvera Street)


I was reading and enjoying my tea at Casa de Sousa Coffee House, a an artsy Mexican bohemian sorta coffeehouse tucked away at Olvera Street when I overheard Fernando, who runs the family-owned coffeehouse with Conchita, discussing their expanded vegetarian/vegan menu.

Of course I inquired and he came over with a silver tin and offered me and others there samples of Conchita's Chocolate--their own special blend of cacao beans, coffee, cinnamon with a little tequila kick to it. Wow! I was sold. Bought some right away.

They sell a no-tequila version too.
You can order a hot chocolate there or buy a bag or tin of it to take with you to make your own hot chocolate, cafe mocha or eat by itself. Makes a great gift too.

Anonymous said...

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